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Composite Doors

Modern doors with classic style.


Your front door is the first thing people see when they come knocking, so you want it to look its best.  Our composite doors combine the benefits of a modern uPVC material door with the feel and aesthetic appeal of a traditional timber door.


Look at the benefits:


  •    Extremely tough

  •    Weatherproof

  •    Keep the cold out

  •    High security

  •    Do not crack, warp or swell

  •    No need to stain, varnish or paint

  •    Easy to clean


The gallery door is a composite door with a difference. Unlike many other common Composite doors, the Gallery range offer steel reinforced sections as opposed to wood.


They are impressively sturdy with a 68mm thickness where lesser doors offer only 44mm. Gallery doors are dual rebated. A rebate is essentially a deep groove that is cut into the edge of a door frame to allow a tighter fit. Thus, a single rebate is a frame that has one of these grooves, and a dual rebate is a frame that has more than one.


Dual rebate frames are 55% thicker and offer the homeowner more security. Our doors are the thickest on the market today at 68mm front to back. This extra depth, along with the use of high-density polyurethane foam core, substantially reduces heat loss by as much as 85% compared to traditional timber doors. That means superior thermal performance with a U-Value of just 0.85Wm2K on a solid door, while the timber free construction make it more environmentally friendly. All this adds up to more energy efficient composite door solution, keeping you and your family warm and saving you money on heating bills.


Gallery doors have been subjected to PAS23 and PAS24 security testing under the Police recommended Secured by Design standard. All Gallery doors come with hock locks and compression rollers as standard so you and your lovel are safe and secure behind your new gallery door. Pop into the showroom and take a look.

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For a door that's built to last, call: 01253 356 189