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CTA timber-frame

All our window frames come in a wide range of colours suit your home, with rosewood, light oak, cream, black and grey available as a standard colour.

All our frames come ‘A’ Rated as standard, easily outperforming the latest Building standards energy conservation requirements, and when you consider that around 20% of the energy your home consumes is expended on keeping you warm, you can easily see how important this is. Any household can stop wasting hundreds of pounds each year on their energy bill by installing energy efficient windows and at the same time you'll be helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.


Our profile come in a range of shaped finishes, from a linear chamfered system to soft/sculptured curves all at the same price. Both are built to British Standards, with the strength and security and security of steel reinforcement. All installations come with a fully certified 'A' rated certificate, which act as proof as to the energy rating of your windows and doors.


All windows and doors have Multi-Point locking mechanisms making you safer than ever before with the addition of a 15 year product warranty on all installations. Should you want to upgrade more, then please ask about our police backed 'Secure by Design’.